Valentines Day Roses Sale!

Thanks to the generous flower donations from Papillion Flowers from downtown LA's flower market, we were able to sell premium roses shipped from Ecuador! Selling them in a bouquet of 8 or singles, we also let students customize a note as well as the option of having the flowers delivered to whomever they wished (as long as they attended Occidental College). This rose sale took a lot of work, as we had to sometimes wait two hours in downtown LA traffic to purchase the roses, thorn and wrap them, arrange them in bouquets, and make the rounds around school to deliver them, but it was worth it! Seeing people put their roses at the side pocket of their  backpack, seeing a guy beaming by a door with a rose behind his back as he knocked on his girlfriend's door and knowing that around 300 people woke up on Valentine's Day with a rose or a bouquet of roses smiling at them all over campus was really the stuff (+)vantage is about: Making people feel that they are cared about, that they are meaningful in our lives. This mirrored the 'Empathy' portion of our (+)Vantage event.

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Oxy community, order your Valentine's Day Roses online here!!

Pre-order online now or place your order at the Quad from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM Tuesday through Thursday. Roses are individually packaged with a personalised note and will be available for pick up Friday. All proceeds will go to (+)vantage, a group that's working towards eliminating the stigma around homelessness. 

This is an EXCLUSIVE BARGAIN DEAL for Oxy students as floral vendors sell flowers for 2~3x the average rate for the Valentine's Day rush! 

Show someone you care! 


Posted on February 9, 2015 .