Our Story

From Eunice Ko, leader of (+)Vantage

Welcome and thank you for viewing our site! The story of (+)vantage starts back in October 2014, when I was introduced to an exciting venture that was spearheaded by an Occidental alum named Kevin Adler. As the founder Nearshot, his company's vision was about bringing technology to humanity. Distributing Go-Pro cameras to people who were homeless in the streets of San Francisco, he was aiming to use the footage to create an eye-opening reality TV program that would invite viewers to realize the unseen and unheard side of homelessness. Immediately drawn to his radical approach of "immersive storytelling" to shed light on an issue that was also personally very close to my heart, I realized that I wanted to contribute to his campaign by organizing a fundraiser at Occidental. However, I knew right away that I did not want to go about doing this through the typical college fundraising drive: attracting product-oriented (akin to the mindset of "take my money, I want my boba!" -something that I am guilty of as well) students who might contribute to the cause but still leave just as unaware of the issue as they were when they first came. Change does not and can not happen through half-hearted giving.

In designing (+)Vantage, the process of fundraising is just as important as the end result of raising money for Nearshot. Through this event, my team and I want to restore what we believe is the true definition of giving: an overflow of compassion and knowledge that spur action, where we break this notion that how much one can give is not a matter of wealth (in money, in time, in abilities, etc) but a matter of the heart; that time and time again, history has shown that often, the people with nothing to spare were often the most generous and the most revolutionary. And so (+)vantage will be an event, the first of its kind, at Occidental where light will be shed on homelessness as it breaks this divorce between fundraising and awareness.

How are we doing this? Click on The Event page for more details.