If you would like to donate...

Because (+)vantage is a fully student-operated event, we are dependent on donations and sponsors to make (+)vantage reach the full impact that we envision. On campus, we have been sponsored by Residential Education and Black Students Alliance (BSA) and all of our fundraisers were made possible by the generous donations of Papillon FlowersRoll, Roll, Roll and Kikka Sushi. So far, we have raised $1,127 in total from our two fundraisers but to cover the costs of this event, we are still in need of $4110 to cover the full cost of catering, set up, decorations, sound system, and auction packages. Below, we present to you some levels of sponsorship but please know that any amount would count and all donations would go directly to making this event possible. If we meet our budget, all subsequent donations would be 100% spearheaded towards Kevin Adler's Nearshot campaign. 

Shining Sponsor: $25
---> In exchange for having your club endorsing us, your club would be announced as co-sponsors for this event in posters. 

-Bronze Sponsor: $50
---> We will put your logo on our posters advertising for (+)vantage and on our 2nd promotional video for (+)vantage. 

-Silver Sponsor: $100 
---> Above AND your logo on our event pamphlet that will be handed out to all participants.

-Gold Sponsor: $200
---> All the above AND a special word of acknowledgement dedicated to your club at the event and 10 priority seating for your club officers and members

Platinum Sponsor:$500 
---> All the above AND having your logo on our event banner AND having your logo on the panel background that people will take photos in front of.

Diamond Sponsor: $1,000 or over
---> All the above AND we will also commit to advertising and spreading awareness of your company throughout all of our campus's media channels and publications AND unlimited number of VIP seating AND include a commemoration of your organization's contribution in (+)vantage's After video.  


Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like more information, please put down your basic information and we will reach you!


Eunice K <euniceko@oxy.edu>

Yinbo Gao <yinbogao@oxy.edu>

Naomi Hong <nhong@oxy.edu>